Ready For Babies With John Legend

The 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles

We need to get model Chrissy Teigen on our bump watch list!  In a recent interview with Life & Style,  she fesses up to wanting four kids and very soon!  Chrissy also gushes about what a great dad John Legend will be.

Chrissy reveals that she’s up front about the desire to have children anytime now.  “Oh, yeah. I’m very open about that. John is going to be a wonderful father. He’s such a wonderful uncle. He has lots of nieces and nephews and he’s so great with them.”

She says now is the right time.  “If it happened two years ago, I would have wanted them two years ago. But now looking back I’m like, whoa, thank goodness because this would be exhausting now, but I want a bunch, so if it happens it happens. I’m ready.  I’ve been ready and if there’s anyone in the world who deserves to be a father, it’s him.”

Chrissy hopes that motherhood doesn’t change her.  “I just hope I don’t change. You know how people become mothers and you kind of lose your friends? Like now they have this baby they love more. I’m going to keep it real. I’m not going to pretend my baby is like the top 90th percentile or something. I’m not going to pretend that my baby is a genius or that my baby is the most beautiful. Come on. Those are the craziest parents.”

She is aiming for four kids since she’s from a small family.  “Everyone says that once you have one, I’ll change my mind, but I would love to have four. I come from a very small family. I think I’m the last one with this name, so I would love to have four, but we’ll see after one. One might kill me.”

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