Product Recall: Rubber Ducky Magnets And More By Design Ideas

Ducky Magnets 800

Another product recall to watch out for.  Design Ideas and Neatlife Rubber Ducky Magnets, and Design Ideas Blowfish and Splat Magnets are being recalled for potentially harmful health dangers.  The small magnets can easily detach from the product.  If swallowed, magnets can link together inside a child’s intestines and clamp onto body tissues, causing intestinal obstructions, perforations, sepsis and death. Internal injury from magnets can pose serious lifelong health effects.

The recall includes About 21,700 Rubber Ducky Magnets, 3,200 Blowfish Magnets and 2,000 Splat Magnets.  The ducky ones were sold at Nordstrom’s Rack stores, novelty and gift stores, book stores and art stores from March 2007-September 2013 for $10. Blowfish magnets were sold at novelty and gift stores, book stores and art stores from March 2007 -March 2011 for about $10. Splat magnets were sold at CB2 stores, novelty and gift stores, office supply stores and art stores  from November 2012-2014 for about $10.

No injuries have been reported.

The company is offering a refund to customers.  Contact them at Design Ideas at (800) 426-6394 or online at and

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