Set The Tooth Fairy Bar REALLY High

 Heidi Klum Takes Her Kids Out For Breakfast

If Heidi Klum goes broke someday soon, it’s her own fault!  I’m kidding.  The celebrity mom recently shared that she thought the going rate for losing a first tooth was much higher than it is and now she’s set the bar pretty high for her kids.

Heidi admitted that she (aka the tooth fairy) gave out $20 a tooth!  Times that by four kids and things get a little costly!  “Teeth are falling out, [but] the [kids] don’t mind it because they get money. I messed it up with the very first tooth that came out — I gave 20 dollars.  I had no idea. I thought 20 bucks was the right thing to do with the first tooth, but now with four kids and all of these teeth that are coming, it’s another small fortune.”

How much do you give your kids from the Tooth Fairy?  Is it higher for the first tooth and lower for the rest? The most common one I hear is $5 for the first one and $1 for each one after.

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