Planning To Expand Her Family After Losing Son And Almost Dying

Shayne Lamas Launches Lamas Organics

Shayne Lamas is opening for the first time about her horrifying medical ordeal and the heartbreak of losing her 20 week old unborn son.  Shayne is now resting at home, grieving her loss, after spending weeks in the ICU.

Shayne explained that her son was growing outside of her uterus, attached to her bladder.  Her placenta was punctured and the emergency surgery required a hysterectomy that removed their son, Shayne’s uterus and part of her bladder.  “My son had to be removed to save my life. The doctors hadn’t seen anything like it.”

Her husband Nik Richie says that Shayne was dead and doctors brought her back to life.  “She died on the table and they brought her back. The doctors said it was an absolute miracle.  There were two minutes where she lost oxygen to her brain. They said she could have brain damage. It was a nightmare.”

Shayne shares that she and Nik are still planning to expand their family down the road.  Her ovaries were saved, so a surrogate is possible for them.  “I’ll be able to give my eggs to a surrogate. I absolutely will have more kids.”

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