Feels She’ll Be The Perfect Teacher For Her Daughter

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Kendra Wilkinson is gearing up for the arrival of her second child, a baby girl, in less than two months.  The reality star dished recently that she’s a perfect teacher for her daughter and can’t wait to help mold her into whatever she’s going to be.

Kendra shared that her own experience is going to come in handy. “Getting the chance to have this challenge and this little person. You know, I lived my life as a young girl and as a young woman. I feel like I know the key, and I feel like I wouldn’t have another kid if I didn’t feel like I had the key to life. I feel like having a girl is it and that it’s meant to be and I am up for the challenge.”

The mom of one says she doesn’t want a lot of pressure her on daughter. “Do I want her to be herself, find herself, and not feel so much pressure? Yes. I feel like I have the key for her to do that. I feel like I am the perfect teacher for a young girl and for young girls everywhere. Even for my neighbors, I am like their life coach; I give them advice for life and they listen. “

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  1. JohnnyComeLately says

    Kendra giving advice to her neighbors and they listen? Scary.
    Kendra’s dress? Scary.
    The fact that she and Hank have lasted this long? Priceless.

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