Adam Is Phenom Dad; Terrible Twos Are Coming!


The terrible twos are coming for Tamera Mowry-Housley’s son Aden!  The celeb mom and co-host of The Talk shared that Aden’s tantrums are a sign of things to come, even though he’s just over one year old now.

The actress got candid about Aden’s next hurdle: the twos. “The temper tantrums aren’t so fun. He’s beautiful — he’s walking — but I see the terrible twos just around the corner. I can see how it can go there!”

Tamera on trying to find balance between her family and her always-busy career, “Some days I scream. Honestly, you take it a moment at a time, a day at a time. Some days you got it and everything works out according to plan.”

Thankfully she has an amazing husband, Adam, to partner with.  “That’s such a big blessing when you have a husband that loves being a dad just as much as you love being a mom. He is a phenomenal father.”

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