First Lady Michelle Obama Talks Fitness With Her Daughters And More With Rachael Ray


First Lady Michelle Obama stopped to chat with Rachael Ray (episode airing on Wednesday, March 5th) about everything from healthy eating to her favorite workout music and more.  She also dished on how her daughters get in plenty of physical fitness, too.

On what foods made her say “ew” as a kid:  “Oh, yeah….Brussel sprouts. Uh, liver…  Liver was a dark day in our household. It was dark…We were angry.”

On her favorite workout tunes:   “Oh, I love Pharrell’s “Happy.  It’s just such a happy song. I mean, it literally makes you happy.”

On whether her daughters workout with her:  “You know, actually they don’t.  You know, we’re blessed to have our kids in a school system where they play sports and they have PE, and then they have activities outside of school so they, you know, are pretty much done….But we do things on vacations….We hike. All the kids are old enough now where going on hikes is a really fun family thing.  You get to talk on those long hikes and in ways that you’re not distracted. You’re out in nature, you get to hear what’s going on in your kids’ lives, so the older they get, the more we can do that together.”



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