Will She And Channing Have More Kids?

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Celebrity mom Jenna Dewan-Tatum is enjoying the new ways that daughter Everly has changed her life, her career, and her relationship with husband Channing Tatum.  Jenna shared in a recent interview that Everly has completely flipped life in a great way in the past nine months.

Jenna on how it’s affected her career:  “You really get a lot pickier abut the sort of projects and even the opportunities that come your way. For me I’ve been really lucky because even though I’m working a lot, I’m able to bring her everywhere. She comes on set with me every day.” (We hope that set is season two of Witches of East End!)

On her changing relationship with Channing:  “As a whole, it just forces you to become a little closer, because you have to be on the same page with everything when it comes to making decisions. It’s just like everything else. You give it like, ‘Okay, I have this luncheon today, so you watch Everly and I have this dinner.’ You just become way better at planning!  We make sure we get good date nights. You’ve got to get out and be around adults and not be speaking in a baby voice all day long — just for your own sanity!”

On more babies:  “I do want to have more kids if it’s in the cards for us. But right now we’re trying to get into the groove and enjoy our little baby that we have now. We’ll see what the future has in store for us!”

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