Kids Brighten His Day No Matter How Rough It Gets




Celebrity dad Mario Lopez is loving every minute of fatherhood.  He dishes on his two adorable “minions“, aka Gia and Dominic, and how they make each day brighter for him!

Mario gushed, “I never knew I had such feelings inside of me.  No matter how rough my day has been, when I get home and hear my children yell, ‘Daddy!’ I feel so much better.”

He says that he finds time to do one-on-one activities with the kids and night time is for daughter Gia “Dominic goes to bed, then Gia and I read or play or do something to wear her out because she has an abundance of energy.  She loves to sing and dance and has become a real night owl!”

Mario loves that he can tap into his inner child, “Being with Gia and Dominic gives me the chance to be a kid all over again. All of a sudden I have two amazing playmates. I can’t imagine my life without children.”


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