Has A Budding Musician On Her Hands

/ Legally Blonde Premiere

Can you believe it has been 10 months since actress Beverley Mitchell gave birth to her daughter Kenzie Lynne? Kenzie will celebrate her first birthday in April!  The new mom dished on her baby girl’s milestones and intense love of music!

Beverley shared that Kenzie is crawling and it won’t be long until she takes those first steps,  “She has mastered the crawl and now she can actually stand up and she can walk holding onto things, but she’s definitely mobile. It’s crazy”

She also says that Kenzie is obsessed with music right now.  “She just loves music. She loves to play the tambourine and she’ll dance to her tambourine.  She is more musical and she’s already got better moves than I do. For sure, she’s a better dancer.”

Too cute!

Photos by Fameflynet

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