Bundled Up And Ready For The Snow

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes James To School In New York

Celeb mom Sarah Jessica Parker was back in action yesterday, on the go with son James Wilkie.  Sarah and James bundled up and headed home from school, no snow in sight just yet.   The mayor called for NYC residents to stay off the roads and some bridges were closed, but according to many Tweets, school hadn’t been canceled yet!

We haven’t seen SJP’s twin daughters Marion and Tabitha in a few days.  It looks like the girls are keeping busy with creative projects at home, though.  Sarah shared on Twitter that her daughter Tabitha was learning the joys of the old school LiteBrite! Sarah write, “litebrite still active in 2013. Production-Tabitha Broderick”.  Too cute, right?  She even added water in blue pegs at the bottom of the vase!

sarah jessica parker

Photos by Fameflynet

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