Gets Candid About Co-Parenting In Her New Book

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Things are maybe not quite as ‘calm’ as Brandi Glanville stated earlier this week about her co-parenting situation with Eddie CibrianBrandi’s new book released this week and in it she details the very difficult task of trying to parent her boys, Mason and Jake, with her ex and his now-wife LeAnn Rimes.

In it she talks about the lack of communication between them when it comes to raising their sons.   “Unfortunately, he still doesn’t consult me when making larger decisions about the boys that we should discuss. For example, I wasn’t asked my opinion when he decided to take our ten-year-old son to a R-rated movie. … I don’t think it’s appropriate.  I wasn’t thrilled when both of my sons were given BB gun assault rifles for Christmas … Guns of any kind are not an appropriate gift for little boys — or for any of us.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shares, “The truth is.  I have no control over what my ex-husband chooses to do during his time with our children. That’s not to say I don’t get royally p****d off, but all I can do is scream into a pillow and take deep breaths.”  She also shares, “That basically sums up our co-parenting, or, as I call it ‘no-parenting.’”

She also shared that she learned one of her sons was hospitalized..via Twitter!  “It seemed insane that I wouldn’t even be notified that my baby was in the hospital, but that was the reality also known as my life.”

Brandi also reveals that she’s known as “Brandi” at Eddie’s house and not “mom”.   The boys aren’t allowed to bring home their “good” clothes.  “They have a closet full of designer  clothes … Sadly, when it’s time to come to my house, they are forced to change into the exact same clothes I sent them over to Dad’s house in two days earlier. Apparently, they each have a ‘Brandi’ pile in their room — not even a ‘Mom’ pile — of the things they are allowed to bring with them for their time at my house.”

Hopefully the boys don’t realize the tension between these three adults in their lives.  Kids pick up on that pretty easily, but hopefully they’re masking it well.

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