UPDATED: Shayne Lamas In A Coma; Miscarries Her Baby

shyane lamas

Update: According to a new statement, Shayne is NOT in a coma.  Her dad, actor Lorenzo Lamas, shared: “We are so grateful that my daughter, Shayne Lamas-Richie, is conscious and stable. She is not in a coma, however she did miscarry the child she was carrying. We are so very grateful to the hospital personnel and the doctors who saved her life last night.  Shayne is aware of her condition and that her family and her husband are here with her and love her so much. She will be remaining in the hospital until her doctors determine that she can be released.”

We have heartbreaking news to share.  Reality star Shayne Lamas has miscarried her second child and is in a coma!  Shayne and Nik Richie just announced a few weeks ago that they were expecting a second baby together.  TMZ shared this afternoon that Shayne collapsed at home last night and paramedics were called.

Shayne was found to have bleeding around her uterus and while doctors were trying to figure out the cause, she lost the baby.  She was sixteen weeks along.  Shayne is in a coma and isn’t breathing on her own, but doctors are confident she’ll recover okay.

Our thoughts are with Shayne and her family during this difficult time.

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