Ten Month Old Daughter Loves Curry And Root Beer

Julie Bowen at The P.S. ARTS Show in Santa Monica

Having a chef for a father is turning ten month old Natalie, daughter of actress Shiri Appleby, into a full-fledged foodie!  The proud mom shares that fiance Jon Shook is making sure his daughter tries out all varieties of food and Natalie knows what she likes already.

Shiri shared, “She eats everything, as you can imagine.  If she’s sitting at the table eating her baby food, but you have your own food, she goes ‘Eee! Eee!’ until you give her what you’re eating! She’s very opinionated and super, super curious. She loves curry.  The third thing she ever had was root beer. She loved it. She knows what she likes!”

What foods did your kids try first? Did they love anything out of the ordinary?

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