Dishes On Life With Three Girls And Her New Book


Actress Jennie Garth is releasing a memoir this spring and she shares that her daughters, Luca, 16, Lola, 11, and Fiona, 7, were the ones who inspired her to write the book.  Jennie dishes on her book, Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde, and shares what life is like with so many little ladies.

On her new book, “Leaving something behind for my girls … on the bookshelf, it’s going to be so cool to see my book up there. They’re going to really love that.”

On living with her their girls, “We rock out in the car a lot.  We just have fun anywhere we go as long as we’re together, you know? It’s a lot of energy. A lot of feminine energy.”

On juggling the schedules of her daughters, who split their time with dad Peter Facinelli,  “I have a calendar and it’s like my Bible, and the girls are on it and their pickup and drop-off times. I’ve recently gone back to a day planner, and I like to write down things and I look at it all – the whole week in a glance. It really sets my mind at ease.”


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