Talks Baby Jack’s Milestones

The Lego Movie Premieres in LA

Chris Pratt and Anna Farris welcomed their son Jack back in August, 2012.  Jack arrived nine weeks early, but he’s doing a great job catching up on milestones, says dad.  Chris shared that his little guy, now 17 months, is soaking it all up right now.

Chris, who voices a character in the new Lego movie, gushed, “He’ll totally surprise me with the things he’ll say, maybe a week after he heard me say it. [He’ll repeat] toys, colors, body parts like knee, elbow, hand. You get the sense that he knows a lot more than he’s saying [aloud].  I’ll say, ‘Where’s your head?’ and he’ll point to his head. And I’ll say, ‘Put the sock on your nose,’ and he’ll put it on his nose.”

He adds, “Every day is something new. I’m noticing he’s really observant. He’s watching everything around him and [using it as] a learning moment.”


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