Breakfast Time With Rocco


There’s no cuter breakfast pal than this guy!  Cacee Cobb showed off a new photo of her son Rocco this week and he’s more handsome by the day!  Cacee shared, “Breakfast with my Baby : )”.  The two waited for their food while Rocco munched on his plush toy at the table.  Little Rocco turns six months old already in February.

Rocco’s dad (aka Donald Faison) is having a great week, as his show “The Exes” was officially renewed for a fourth season!  The series will have its season three finale later this month and season four will start airing in summer!  Needless to say, TV Land is thrilled with how well the show is doing.  The network’s president shared “From the moment we read the very first script for The Exes, we fell in love. This series has a comedy ensemble that’s a force to be reckoned with, and it just keeps getting better and better.”

Are you watching The Exes?  We’ve been watching since season 1 – it’s a lot of fun.

Photo by Instagram

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