Trying For Baby Number Two!

The 2014 UNICEF Ball in LA

Another baby for Hollywood?  Actress Alyssa Milano shared this week that she and husband David Bugliari are hoping to expand their family!  Alyssa revealed that she and David are currently trying to get pregnant with their second child.

During an interview with Access Hollywood Alyssa confirmed that they’re trying to make son Milo, 2, a big brother.  “We are actively trying.”  She also shared that David was taking a lot of gingseng, hoping to help things along.  Alyssa says she and David aren’t “scheduling” and making it a chore to try and conceive but rather doing it through  “very natural moments” together, she adds “It’s not like we are machines or biological experiments.”

We’ve officially added Alyssa to our bump watch list!

Photo by Fameflynet

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