Snuggles Up With Daughter North


Kim Kardashian is showing off her baby girl once again – sort of.  The celebrity mom shared this sweet photo of cuddle time with daughter North, writing simply “good morning”.  You can only see the top of North’s head, but it’s a precious picture!   Fans have been hounding Kim for some time now, asking why she never posts photos of herself with North, so this must be Kim’s way of letting them know she reads their Tweets.

Although many fans were less than kind after she posted the photo, accusing her of only sharing pictures of North when she needed publicity.  Ouch.  Kim’s reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, has been declining in a big way when it comes to viewers.  Their ninth and final season debuted a few weeks ago to weak numbers and dipped below 2 million this past week, their lowest numbers so far.

I don’t care what Kim’s reasons are for sharing the pictures of Nori – I just hope she keeps doing it!

Photo by Instagram

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