He Does Diapers While Fergie Does Everything Else

Josh, Axl & Fergie Visit Oliver Hudson In Brentwood

Josh Duhamel is no slouch in the daddy department, but the humble husband gives wife Fergie all the credit.  At a Sundance Film Festival event Josh gushed about his wife and their new son Axl Jack.

Josh shared that Fergie is in charge of Axl’s outfits.  “It’s not me! She’s much more fashion conscious than I am. That’s all Fergs- that’s not me.”  He also shared that his department is diapers and Fergie takes care of everything else, but we’re pretty sure he’s helping out there, too.  “I’m diaper duty and she’s everything else. She’s a great mom – that’s for sure!”


Photos by Fameflynet

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