Are Things Getting Serious With Sean Penn And Charlize Theron? – Photos

Charlize Theron & Sean Penn Shop At Whole Foods

Celebrity mom Charlize Theron and actor Sean Penn have been dating for a short bit and recently went public with their relationship.  At first it was reported that they were just friends, then it was portrayed as a fun fling, but now it looks like things are a little more serious..maybe.  Charlize has introduced Sean to her son Jackson and the two seem to be quite cozy.  Charlize and Sean and Jackson were even spotted doing mundane chores together – like grocery shopping.

The happy threesome were spotted at Whole Food together, with Sean loading up their car with food.  Does it seem funny/odd to anyone else to see someone like Sean Penn loading groceries?  I don’t know why it strikes me that way because he is just a regular guy.

Sean is a parent, too, but his kids (with ex-wife Robin Wright), Hopper and Dylan, are adults now.  Sean’s daughter Dylan is currently dating The Vampire Diaries hottie Steven R. McQueen, who is related to THE Steve McQueen.

Photos by Fameflynet

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