Waffle Time Walk; Sarah Releases New Hallmark Collection

Tabitha & Marion Broderick Eat An Eggo Waffle On The Way To School

Sarah Jessica Parker’s pink and purple princesses (aka Marion and Tabitha) enjoyed a lively conversation on the way to school together this week.  The girls strolled along, chatting away and finishing up their breakfast!  They headed off to school with their waffles in hand.

The girls were dressed in their usual “similar but not matchy” style.  Both wore leggings and boots, but in different styles, and both girls were sporting the same black winter jacket.   Marion and Tabitha both had bows in their braids, but in different colors.

In other SJP news, the celebrity mom launched a new Hallmark Stationary collection!  She helped to design gift bags, cards, and papers and they are beautiful.  Take a look at Lady & the Blog’s coverage of the launch event and their interview with the actress.

Photos by Fameflynet

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