No More Kids For Jon Gosselin!

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin is out promoting his current gig on the reality TV show “Couples Therapy”.  This week he sat down with talk show host Wendy Williams to talk about reality TV, his kids, and his relationship with ex-wife Kate Gosselin.

First, Jon shares that he’s done with babies.  I’m sure it’s tricky enough to support eight of them!  He shares, “We can’t have more kids. Yeah, I’m fixed.”

Even though Jon is opposed to doing reality TV on his own, he refuses to allow his kids back on the small screen.  “I’ll fight it.  I don’t need the money, I’ll just go to work. Because I fought so hard to get my kids off of television. It didn’t work in civil court, it didn’t work with TLC, it didn’t work with anyone so I had to go to family court and try and stop it.”

Jon also shared that the kids are set as far as money for education and more.  “My kids go to private school. They also have trusts. They have education trusts. They have other trusts. Kate and I put 80 percent of the gross of the income in a trust for three years for them. They’re fine.”

He says the relationship with Kate is still strained, “We just text, we don’t talk to each other. I only know what she says about me by the media.”

Hopefully these two will be able to put the past behind them and co-parent together peacefully.

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