Froyo Date With Skyler And Rodger

Rachel Zoe Out And About With Her Family

Rachel Zoe enjoyed some one-on-one time with her oldest son Skyler.  Rachel, Skyler and Rodger Berman were photographed running errands in Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon.  Rachel and Skyler made a stop at the frozen yogurt shop, where Skyler had a good time getting sticky from his sweet treat.

Rachel and Rodger have been spending a lot of time hunkered down at home with their newest arrival, baby Kaius, or Kai for short.  It’s hard to believe, but little Kai is only 3 weeks old at this point and look how amazing Rachel looks already!  The celebrity stylist bounced back quickly after giving birth to Skyler, too.  It must be in her genes – that crazy metabolism!  And I have to applaud her dedication to those heels!  She never goes a day without them!

Photos by Fameflynet

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