Talk Baby Names!

Eldest "Jonas Brother" Kevin Celebrates Birthday With Lovely Wife Danielle

Parents-to-be Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle headed out for an event held by Dreft this week.  The two chatted about their upcoming arrival and all things baby!

The couple shared that they have a baby name all picked out for their daughter, but they’re keeping it private. “We’re not telling anyone the name, but we have a name. [The] middle name has a lot of meaning, but her first name is . . . different enough but not totally out there. It’s cute.”

Kevin joked that initially they planned for four kids, but that may change.   “I think we’re on three.  We haven’t hit the labor yet, so maybe after the labor we’re down to two.”

The new dad is nervous, but excited about caring for a newborn, “I think I will become more nervous when — not even in the hospital cause there’s nurses — when we walk through that door and she’s in our house.  She’s home and we’re by ourselves now . . . should be interesting. Luckily, we have two good families that hopefully are willing to help us out as much as we ask.”

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