Busy Philipps
Explains Daughter Cricket’s Name

Busy Philipps And Daughter Birdie Out Running Errands

Busy Philipps welcomed her second daughter, Cricket, back in July.  The mother of two explains how they chose her unique name.  Her husband Marc’s job as a writer came in handy!

The Cougar Town star explained, “Oh my God, it was so hard because we had all these names and then she came out. I looked at her and she just couldn’t be one of those names.” So Marc stepped in to create a “story” for their daughter using the name Cricket.   “A lot of times your name dictates the kind of personality you have and [Marc’s] like, ‘Everyone likes Cricket, Cricket is just the greatest, happiest kid on the block, the coolest camp counselor.  He just had this whole narrative for what that name was.”

On how their oldest daughter, Birdie Leigh, is taking to the baby: “That first month was really tricky because I think she was expecting the baby to come out and be more interesting. Once the baby really started smiling and connecting with Birdie, [she was] able to be a little more playful with her.”

Photo Credit: Fameflynet

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