Back With Bryn After Miami Vacation With New Man

Bethenny Frankel Out And About With Her Daughter In NYC

Talk show host Bethenny Frankel is back in chilly NYC after enjoying some one-on-0ne time with her new boyfriend Michael Cerussi in Miami. Bethenny was spotted picking up her daughter Bryn from school, looking happy to be home and reunited with her girl!

Bethenny’s talk show “bethenny” has struggled in it’s first full season, but rumor has it that it might get picked up for a second season despite that.  There are reports that they may leave behind the “talk show” feel and go for a more “Maury” or Jerry Springer type show.  I doubt it’ll get all wild and crazy like Springer once did, but it might be fun to see Bethenny interacting with “regular” folks rather than celebrities, as she seems to have a real knack for connecting with civilians.

Are you watching her show? What do you think of it so far?

Photos by Fameflynet

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