Talks Life With Two Kids

Ivanka Trump Brings Her New Baby Home

Celebrity mom Ivanka Trump welcomed her second child, a son named Joseph, just three months ago.  The fashionista dishes on life with two kiddos (Arabella, 2 and Joseph), saying it’s much easier this time around.

Ivanka shared how much more relaxed she is this time around,  “I was more nervous about how I would deal with Arabella than I have been with Joseph. Now I am familiar with timing and balance as well as bathing, diapers and how to hold a baby without fear of an accident. I feel like I am now a pro!”

I think most moms can agree with Ivanka here, right?  The first time out, we’re a bundle of nerves and by the time baby #2 shows up, we (think) sort of know it all and what to expect!

Photos by Fameflynet & Instagram

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