Sleep Is Something She’ll Investigate In The Future


As the working celebrity mom of two boys, Archie and Abel, comedienne Amy Poehler says at this point in motherhood, sleep is just a concept.  The busy mama sat down with ELLE to dish on balancing her many work hats with two growing boys.

Amy on the conflict between being a comedian and being a grown-up:   “Now that I have kids, I’m up at 5:30AM no matter what. Sleep at this point is just a concept, something I’m looking forward to investigating in the future. But I’d like to say that I maintain that same sense of play and creativity and spontaneity–of being able to get into a room with people and say, ‘Let’s waste some time.’ When you’re a creative person, even when you’re in a position of power, you still have to be able to straddle both worlds.”

On why she’s heading into directing, producing and writing:  “I like to do things that challenge me and make me nervous. You learn early as an actor that creating your own material is the only way to have any control. Hollywood is like a bad boyfriend. You can’t stand around and wait to be asked to dance.”

Photo by ELLE

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