Shares New Pics Of Stella Amid Crazy Cheating Drama With Dean


Tori Spelling is dealing with some rather stressful times right now as Dean McDermott cheating rumors swirl.  Tori has remained quiet about the rumors, but was spotted out to dinner with a friend and her four kids, but no Dean in sight.  Also not in sight? Tori’s wedding ring!

Amid the crazy personal issues that may or may not be happeneing, the celebrity mom is trying to ficus on her kiddos.  Tori shared this sweet photo of Stella (look how big she’s getting!).  She shared, “This is how Stella slept last nite. My babe w/all her babes… #DollySlumberParty”.

Updated to add: Tori was spotted this morning with her rings back on her finger.

Photo by Instagram

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