Dishes On Witches And Shares Everly’s Favorite Song

 Jenna Dewan Visits "Live With Kelly & Michael"

While celebrating the season finale of her hit show “Witches of East End“, actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum dished on everything from the show to her homemade immune boosting potions.  The new mom even shared Everly’s favorite song (hint: it is not a nursery rhyme!).

Q: @UsWeekly What was the biggest challenge of going back to work after Everly was born?
A: Hardest part about going back to work was the lack of sleep, working while nursing & having to leave her to go film.

Q:   Are you a good mixologist/bartender like Freya? Have you ever made your own potions,soaps, or even candles?
A: Not a great bartender, but I make immune boosting potions when anyone gets sick.

Q: Any plans for Channing to cameo on the show or for you guys to work together again soon?
A: No plans for @channingtatum on the show yet, but he’s a big fan and looks forward Witch Sundays.

Q:  It’s Everly’s first Xmas! What are your plans for the holiday?
A: For the holidays, we’ll have a lot of family/presents and lots of food, and all she’ll really want are the boxes.

Q: If you could have any supernatural power, what would it be?
A: If I had a supernatural power, I would love to clone myself and be in two places at once.

Q:   What are your favorite supernatural shows besides Witches of East End? Were you a Charmed fan?
A: Loved the show @TrueBloodHBO & movies Practical Magic, The Craft and A Fairytale. Really, I love all things magical.

Q:  What’s your number one pop cultural moment of 2013? Your favorite song, album, movie?
A: Favorite song this year was Blurred Lines. It’s also Everly’s fave. Favorite Movie was Mud. Favorite album was @jtimberlake’s.


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