Loses Another Attempt To Regain Custody Of Her Kids

Actress Kelly Rutherford and daughter Helena Grace Giersch are spotted on set of the hit TV show "Gossip Girl" in NYC

More bad news for former Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford.  Kelly was once again lost her battle to regain custody of her two children, Hermes and Helena.  Kelly and her ex-husband Daniel Giersch have been locked in a bitter war over their kids since 2009.

Daniel was deported from the U.S. and then won custody of their children even though they are technically under “joint custody”, with a judge forcing Kelly to fly back and forth overseas to Monaco visit them since Daniel isn’t allowed to enter the U.S.

After the latest disappointing loss, she lamented  “It strikes me as outrageous and unconstitutional that children can be effectively deported in order to accommodate their exiled father without knowing why he can’t come back in and he has not been required to make any efforts to try to get back to the U.S. by the U.S. courts.”

Kelly is appealing the decision, despite her astronomical legal bills.  Kelly has spent more than a million dollars fighting for children to return to NYC to live with her.   She filed bankruptcy because of her outrageous bills, including the costs to visit her kids overseas.

I know we’ll never know all of the details in this case, but it’s heartbreaking to watch.

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