Talks Empty Nesting And Desire To Be Grandma Right Now


Maria Shriver’s kids are getting older and moving out on their own one by one.  The mother of four (Katherine, 23, Christina, 22, Patrick, 20, and Christopher, 16) sat down with the new issue of AARP to talk about being alone and her wish for a lot of grandkids!

On empty nesting once son Christopher graduates: “I think that if you’re awake in your life, you fear being alone. But if you face that fear, realizing that ultimately we all come in alone and will end up alone, you enjoy your alone company.   Do I prefer a house with 20 kids in it? Yes. Do I feel that I can’t wait until they’re gone? No. But do I think I’ll be okay when they’re all gone? Yes,” she says. “And I’ve worked to make sure they know that.”

On Maria’s strong desire for grandchildren and a chaotic house: “Christina says that when she has kids, she’s going to give them to me! I’m counting on that!  If not, I’ll probably take someone else’s kids! I might start a day care center! Who knows?”

On her blessings when it comes to love: “We’re so consumed as a society with ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ or ‘Are you married?’ We miss the love that is staring you right in the face.  I’ve been blessed by my parents’ love, by the love I had with Arnold, by the love of my children and my friends … I feel surrounded by love. I feel blessed now here in my life. Yeah. I feel blessed.”


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