Explains Why She Couldn’t Head Right Back To Work After Baby

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Actress Nia Long is back on the big screen in the new flick “Best Man Holiday“.  The mother of two explains that she took some time off after her son Kez was born two years ago.

Nia, mom to Massai, 13, and Kez, 2, explained her break, “It wasn’t like I called my agent and said, ‘I’m having a baby and I’m not coming back for two years.’ It was more like, ‘I’m having a baby,’ and they stopped calling me for awhile.”

Nia took some extra time off to take care of breastfeeding, “I admire the women who can have babies and jump right back to work.  As a nursing mother, I couldn’t sit there and just pump all day. I needed to be close to my baby.”

The celebrity mom shared her anxiety over her son becoming a teen, “The place where we’re moving to is in walking distance to school — he’s 13, he can now walk to school.  Those are the things, then you get to see, ‘Did I really do my job well? Does he have the judgment?’”


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