Planning Twin Daughters’ First Birthday Party – At Age 5

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Having a birthday around Christmas isn’t always a good thing when you’re a kid!  Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell had their twin daughters, Charlie and Dolly, right after Christmas (December 28th to be exact).  As a result, the girls have never actually had a birthday party yet, but Rebecca hopes to change that when they turn five this year!  

She explains that “gift overload” is to blame for them not throwing a party for the girls.  Rebecca shared, “We can’t even get them to open presents on their birthday. They’re like, ‘We’re still sick of presents from Christmas'”.

Rebecca says that as they get bigger and their friends start inviting them for birthday parties, they are now starting to ask about it.   “Their birthday gets lost. So, they’re like, ‘Do we have a birthday?’ Because they go to all these birthday parties for everybody else, so I think we owe them a birthday party.”


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