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This isn’t something you see often–celebs interviewing celebs! But we just adored reading this interview for Modern Luxury from Mariska Hargitay to Alec Baldwin‘s wife Hilaria on how she met her Prince Charming.

So, the big question: How did you meet Alec?
I know, the big question, right? [Laughs] We met at a restaurant. I’d opened two yoga studios with one of my students, a friend who’d worked on Wall Street and lost his job in the crash. I’d work seven days a week—often from 5am to 11pm—and then I’d just come home and sleep. But the night of Feb. 10, 2011, two of my girlfriends convinced me to go out for a glass of wine, and we found this place that had three tables outside. We were the first people there, then Alec—who I didn’t see—and his friend went over to the third table, which was the farthest from us. I was talking and laughing and ended up talking to the couple next to us. At one point I said to my girlfriends, ‘All right, Universe. I have an announcement to make: I’m ready to meet somebody and fall in love.’

And one of my girlfriends smacked me and said, ‘Hilaria, shut up! Alec Baldwin is looking at you!’ And I leaned over the table and there he was, staring at me. When we were leaving, I knew he was going to talk to me. I walked right past him, and he said, ‘Who are you? I must know you. I must know you.’ I think I commented what a silly line that was. But I ended up talking to him and his friend for about 10 minutes. He gave me his phone number, but I didn’t call him for a few days, until one of my girlfriends convinced me to do it. I left like the most awkward message: ‘Hey, this is Hilaria, the yoga teacher you met the other day. Call me if you want.’

And he did!

And here you are in, like, the greatest time of your life—in love, and with your angel daughter. What do you see for the future? 
One thing I’m very happy about is this DVD; I’m also hoping to come out with more because teaching is something I’ve always loved doing. I started dancing when I was 2, so fitness has always been an area where I feel I can make a difference. As for the rest? I don’t know. Be a good mom, maybe have another kid. We’ll see where everything goes.


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