Is an Eco-Friendly Mom


So often, we get caught up in the ins and outs of child rearing and it can be tough remembering to take care of Planet Earth. Not so for celeb mom Malin Akerman who recently told E! News that she is an eco-friendly mother. Inspired by fellow celeb mama Jessica Alba, Malin dresses her six-month-old son Sebastian in organically-produced clothing. She also uses products from Jess’s line, The Honest Company.

She says, ”We switch off between cloth diapers and Seventh Generation diapers. He’s going to think he’s an alien he’s going to be so green!”

Malin also keeps a green workout routine, hiking and taking Pilates and spin classes at a gym near her home. Akerman attributes her quick baby weight loss to frequent workouts. “I wish I could tell you there’s a magic pill, but there isn’t. You go back to the gym.”


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