“My Son Will Have Healthy Eating Habits”


Getting kids to eat right can be an uphill battle, but for celeb mommy Jennifer Hudson, it’s a non-negotiable. The singer/actress recently told Momfeeds that her three-year-old, David Jr., responds best to healthy choices:

“Really, everyone loves choices. One of my favorite tricks is the fruit bowl. In fact, when I travel for work–which is often–I make sure that there’s a fruit bowl waiting for us at the hotel.”

Jennifer, who has battled with her weight and lost over 80 pounds with Weight Watchers since 2010, also makes exercise a priority. “I’m the first to admit it: I don’t love working out. But I do love spending time with my fiance and son. So we go out for walks and we play a lot of basketball together.”

Jennifer also suggests updating a favorite indulgence with a healthier swap. Pizza Night at her house entails a pie they make together, with lots of veggies for toppings. Keep it up, Jennifer!


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