Heading To Jail Over Unpaid Child Support?

Jermaine Jackson Stops For Gas

The late Michael Jackson’s brother, Jermaine Jackson, is still legal trouble over unpaid child support.  Jermaine owes more than $12,000 in child support to ex Alejandra Jackson, the mom of two of his sons, Jermajesty, 13 and Jaafar, 17.

Jermaine is supposed to be paying around $3,000 per month but hasn’t been sending the payments.  He’s only paid $85 on the $12K he owes.  According to TMZ,  the L.A. County Child Support Services Dept. is asking a judge to hold the dad in contempt, meaning he could see about 20 days in the slammer.

I have to admit I don’t feel too much sympathy for him considering that he just bought a $150,000 car last month!  Hopefully he gets this paid up and these two can move forward.

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