Halloween Fun with Bryn

Bethenny Frankel Gets Into The Halloween Spirit!

Bethenny Frankel knows how to have a good time!  The celebrity mom and talk show host picked up her daughter Bryn from school yesterday afternoon and headed straight for the costume shop.  Bethenny and Bryn picked out some fun stuff for playing Halloween dress up and strolled home wearing their purchases.

Bethenny has been taking a lot of heat over her talk show because the ratings haven’t been as good as people thought they should be.  Rumors were flying that Ellen DeGeneres was trying to distance herself from the show (Ellen took Bethenny under her wing and is her mentor), so Ellen came on the show via satellite this week to blast those rumors.

Ellen shared, “I did hear that there was a story that I was distancing myself from you and from the show and I wanted my name off of the show and I think people think, as Andy Cohen said on your show the other day, that there is always a tiny bit of truth to any rumor that you read. There is absolutely not one crumb of truth in that at all.  I am not distancing myself from your show, I love you. I am so proud of you. I am proud to have my name on it and I think that you are amazing and we are friends. ”

Ellen explained why she wasn’t there to “defend” Bethenny in person, “The only reason we are doing this by satellite is because I am filming here (in L.A.) and you’re filming in New York and you know that I tried to get you to film in LA, here on the lot, so we would be closer together so I could be there every day if I could but you have your daughter and your daughter is there and you are there with your daughter and I respect that. That is the only reason we are so far apart. I love you and it’s ridiculous that people are trying to make stories about this because I think you are doing great…I am just going to compliment you as much as I can right now because I want people to understand you are, there is no one doing what you are doing on television right now. You really represent women and talk to women and give women advice in a way that nobody is doing and I love listening to your advice. ”

If that’s not a seal of approval I don’t know what is!  Have you watched Bethenny’s show?  I think it’s a lot of fun!

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