Mercy And David Head To The Kabbalah Center

Madonna Takes Her Kids To The Kabbalah Center

Mercy James is not so little anymore!  Madonna and her kids, Mercy and David, made their way to the Kabbalah Centre together this weekend.  Mercy was cute as always in her black and white dress with matching white cardigan.  David was dress in all white with a backwards baseball hat.  It looks like they both grew a foot since we last saw them!

Madonna was modeling some not-so-mom-like behavior last week.  At the premiere of “12 years a slave”, Madonna was asked to stop texting and turn off her phone during the movie.  She snapped back “It’s for business … enslaver!” at the theater worker.  The theater confirmed that Madonna is banned from the NYC theater until she apologizes to movie-goers for ignoring the policy.

I have to admit that cell phone use at a movie is one of my biggest pet peeves.  In that dark theater, your eye is automatically drawn to any type of light – so it distracts you from the movie so easily!


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