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There’s nothing more exciting than watching a baby grow and pick up new habits, like the beginnings of speech! For parents Bill and Giuliana Rancic, every step of the way with their little guy Duke, age 1, has been nothing short of amazing.

Bill recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop on the thrills of parenting… like the fact that Duke is now “babbling a lot”!

Now that Duke is 1 – has he reached any milestones?
“He is babbling a lot and starting to walk a little bit. He hangs onto things while walking. His personality is definitely showing through, which is great. He’s got a great disposition and is always laughing and smiling. He loves hanging out with me, which is a lot of fun.”

Congrats on your 6th year wedding anniversary – did you and Giuliana do anything special on the date?
“We went to a restaurant in New York that is owned by a friend of ours. We had a nice time. It was a very low-key, easy night and we went to bed early.”

You asked Delphine – the surrogate who carried Duke to give you another child – your heart must have been racing when you visited her in Denver. Will the viewers get the answer in an upcoming episode?
“We are still working with her on that and are making sure that that’s the right direction to keep going. We are working it out and hopefully we will have some good news soon.”

What advice can you give to new dads?
“I try to be as involved as possible. I am very hands-on and very involved in every aspect of his life.  I think I’ve taken on a role, and more dads are, where I’m changing diapers and helping with the feeding. Thirty years ago, things were a little bit different and that type of role wasn’t quite as socially acceptable.”


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