In Hot Water Over Child Support And New Ferrari

Jermaine Jackson Stops For Gas

Jermaine Jackson may want to hold off on celebrating his new car purchase!  The celebrity dad (and brother of the late King of Pop) splashed out $160,000 for a 2009 Ferrari this week.  The only problem with that purchase is that it was made on the very same day a judge ordered a wage garnishment for back child support.  Oops!

Jermaine was spotted with his new ride, which he bought by trading in an old car and shelling $70,000 for the remaining balance, on the same day as the child support hearing.  A judge ordered Jermaine’s employer to withhold almost $4,000 in child support per month, with more than $700 of that amount to be put toward back child support that he owes for the children he shares with Alejandra Jackson.   I’m sure Alejandra wasn’t too thrilled to hear he had that kind of money for a car purchase, but not for his support obligations.  Yikes.


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