American Blanket Company: American-Made Affordable Luxury For Your Baby

American Baby Blanket3
Are you looking for a really great blanket for your little but can’t seem to find the right one. At the very least, can’t seem to tell the difference between the hundreds available on the market? It can be daunting going to your neighborhood baby superstore and staring at that 15 foot high wall of blankets and bibs, and onsies! I was lucky enough to be able to check out the goodies from American Blanket Company. I was really pleased…and so was the baby.
These blankets are are all American-made with luxurious, quality fabric. They are guaranteed for life and they can be customized with baby’s name or date of birth. So even if you are looking for that special gift that won’t be thrown in the pile…this is it! Trust me. Gift givers can choose from a variety of colors, including the new hand-stitched patterns, and the American Blanket Company gift wraps every shipment, so there is no hassle in buying a gift bag or wrapping paper.  They are a great shower gift, and reasonably priced…especially for the perfected hand-brushed quality.
American Baby Blanket2
You can check out the most luxurious fabric, Luster Loft, and its available baby blanket colors here.  Also check out the new Luster Loft blankets with patterns in blue, light pink, dark pink, and purple here.
And if you were wondering what the difference is betweent the blankets and quilts…they are the same soft, quality material, however a quilt is two-ply so it is thicker than the blanket.
Check it out. I’m certain you will be pleased!
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