Says She’s Lucky That Matilda Loves New Experiences

 Michelle Williams Takes Daughter Matilda for Ice Cream

Celebrity mom Michelle Williams counts herself as so lucky that her daughter Matilda, 7, is eager for new experiences. Michelle explains in a new interview that Matilda adapts well to her crazy schedule.

Michelle explained, “I’m very lucky because she is very outgoing, very friendly, she likes meeting new people and places and experiences.  So she makes it easy.”

The actress shares that Matilda is now starting to “get” what her job is, “She is starting to understand that more and more.  I mean she knows a lot about Glinda the Good Witch [from Oz the Great and Powerful]. She knows a lot about who that is and what that was and she was very—she was so excited to be that for Halloween. She would go up to people in the park and be like, ‘My mommy is Glinda the Good Witch in the Oz movie. There are two bad ones and only one good one and that’s my mommy.'”


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