Wear Major Hair Accessories to School


We’ve been tracking every cute, whimsical, girly, fashion-forward, and fun look from Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick‘s twin girls Tabitha and Marion since they first stepped (or rather, were toted) onto the scene nearly four years ago. But this morning’s adorable hair accessories might just land the spot of best. look. ever. for these cuter-than-cute little girls.

SJP dropped her tots off at school this morning as she does nearly every day, and their outfits from the neck down were typical little-girl through and through. But each twin was sporting a dramatic headband of Minnie Mouse-esque proportions. All we want to know is–where can we get our hands on some cute headgear like these? Did the girls make their fabulous accessories or are these available to purchase?

What do you think of this wacky-yet-cool look?


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