On Babies & Marriage…In That Order


Not every couple goes through the parenting steps in the traditional order, and we say power to you! Reality star Kristin Cavallari was one of many celeb moms who had a child pre-marriage, and she recently explained to The Bump why that choice worked great for her and husband Jay Cutler.

“That was just what worked for us. We got engaged really quickly–after only eight months. We definitely weren’t ready to get married then and so we put everything on hold and we ended up having the baby before. I think that when we did get married, we were absolutely ready.”

The newlywed, who walked down the aisle this past June, has proven to be a great mom to 13-month-old Camden. And she and Cutler couldn’t be happier. “He is an amazing dad and he has been since day one. He helps me with everything,” she shares. “He’s not the kind of guy that doesn’t want to change a diaper.”

Whatever you’re doing, Kristin, it totally works! Such a joy watching this young wife and mother learn the ropes and hearing her share her story.


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