@Home with Hilaria Baldwin: Fit Mommy-to-Be Prenatal Yoga Arrives On October 1st

Holaria Baldwin Prenatal Yoga

Ok, who out there is preggo and ready for some yoga? None of you? C’mon, you know you want to say yes, but you just think it’s way too much. I mean, sometimes getting out a chair is too much!! Well, having recently given birth to her first child with husband Alec Baldwin, New York City yoga instructor and EXTRA Lifestyle Correspondent Hilaria Baldwin is getting ready to do some DVD debutting…three safe and effective workouts for all stages of one’s pregnancy. Yes, that means you…

@Home with Hilaria Baldwin: Fit Mommy-to-Be Prenatal Yoga arrives on DVD on October 1, 2013 from Acacia, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. brand. Designed by Hilaria to address the specific needs of pregnancy, the DVD features modifications for each trimester, so you can continue with the practice as your pregnancy advances. Hilaria filmed Fit Mommy-to-Be Prenatal Yoga when she was seven months pregnant with her first child, Carmen Baldwin, who was born in August 2013. The DVD also comes with bonus partner stretches with Hilaria’s husband, actor Alec Baldwin ($16.99; 59 minutes; AcaciaLifestyle.com and pre-order on Amazon.com).

Doctors say that the more you stretch and keep active during your pregnancy, the easier your delivery and recovery will be. Easy for them to say, I know, but it really does work. Not that I would know personally mind you, but some very dedicated and sporty friends of mine swear by it and they LOVE being pregnant. Yeah, I know.

You can join along with Hilaria for some fun mommy-to-be fitness with the simple goal of having a healthy pregnancy. The first workout relieves pregnancy-related back pain and tones the muscles needed for good posture and alignment. The second opens your hips to alleviate growing pains and prepare your body for childbirth. The last segment helps you de-stress quickly, releasing tension from your body as you regain your focus and connect with your baby.

Hilaria is a certified yoga instructor and the co‐founder of Yoga Vida, a New York City yoga studio with locations in Union Square and Noho. She is the Lifestyle correspondent for EXTRA, where she covers fitness, fashion, celebrities, and news. Hilaria has been teaching fitness and dance for more than ten years, and she began teaching yoga in 2005. Hilaria has also been featured as a fitness authority on TODAY, E! News, Rachael Ray, Good Afternoon America, and Plum TV’s “Yoga with a View.”

BONUS: Partner stretches featuring Hilaria’s husband, Emmy®-winning actor Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)

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