Worried For Her Kids’ Safety After Jon Fires Gun Over Paparazzi

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Earlier this week Jon Gosselin had a paparazzo follow him home from work, trespassing on his land.  Jon chased the female photographer off his land (she didn’t realize the road was private) and he fired a warning shot from his gun – which he has a permit to carry.

It’s no surprise that Kate Gosselin is deeply concerned about Jon’s trigger-happy move, especially with her kids spending time at his home.   She’s currently in NYC promoting a new book and shared with a photographer,  “I’m doing what it takes to keep them safe”.   She’s concerned and wants to make sure that Jon has to keep the gun under lock and key when her kids are visiting.

According to TMZ, Kate is baffled as to why Jon didn’t just call 911 instead of firing the gun in the air.

We’re told she is “profoundly concerned” that Jon was armed last weekend when he left a restaurant, returned home and fired a warning shot in the air to scare a trespassing photog off his property.  She says it was an “extreme reaction.”

I can’t say that I blame Kate for her reaction – it’s a scary situation.  I’m sure Jon was concerned for his privacy and safety, but firing the gun might have been a little extreme.


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