Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Caroline Manzo Shares What She’s Learned About Motherhood

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey matriarch Caroline Manzo is mom to three now-adult kids: Lauren, Albie and Chris.  She’s the voice of reason on her hit reality show, she has written a book sharing her sage advice and is now getting her own spinoff featuring her family.  The celebrity mom shares some tidbits of information as she reflects on her experience of being a mom for 27 years.

First, she shares that no matter how old our kids get, they are still our babies.  “they will be my babies forever and always, when they’re 85 I’ll be asking them if they ate and to put a coat on if it’s cold outside. That’s my role and I’ve played it well for the past 27 years.”

Caroline shares that there is no guide and no “correct” way to parent/mother.  She feels that it’s just what’s in our heart.  “we can sit and read every book on motherhood out there and outline the perfect scenario of a parent/child relationship on paper, but that’s not a realistic approach at all. Motherhood is trial and error of the heart and soul. If I can teach a new mom anything it would be: go with your gut, love with all of your heart, and don’t be so hard on yourself!  Expect to make some mistakes, learn from them, each and every child is as individual as a snowflake, find your own rhythm, and march to the beat of your own drum.”

Amen, Caroline!  Aaaamen!

Have you read Caroline’s book “Let Me Tell You Something”? Are you looking forward to her new spinoff show “Manzo’d With Children”?

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